One Step Gel Silk, 60g – NAP

28.90 лв.

Product Type: Acrylic Gel
Capacity: 60 gr
Seal in lamp: LED 30”/ UV 60”

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Single-phase, solid gel with specific properties and characteristics.

This 2-in-1 system is specially designed for nails, providing ease of use for both beginners and professionals.

Thanks to its composition, the perfect combination of gel and acrylic, ONE STEP GEL is undoubtedly the easiest product allowing to control the process 100%.


  • Οne-step build
  • Εasy to shape and sculpt
  • Εasy to apply
  • Doesn’t burn
  • Allows you to work as long as you want without hardening
  • No monomeric odor
  • More resistant than gel
  • More flexible than acrylic
  • Perfect for any nail type

How to apply it:

  1. Prepare the natural nail: Carefully smooth the surface of the natural nail with non-acidic primer and thin nail base
  2. Squeeze the product dispenser. Using a spatula, apply the required amount of gel to cover the nail plate
  3. Apply the gel to the nail plate using a brush (# 6 / # 10) soaked in cleaner, adjust the shape of the nail as desired
  4. Seal for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or for 1 minute in a UV lamp
  5. Smooth the nail surface 
  6. Apply Top

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