Inflammation & Pain Reduction – RELIEF herbal, 49g

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Relief Herbal will help you:

  • Reduce rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis side effects
  • Eliminate Pain
  • Recover from tendonitis
  • Reduce inflammations in lungs (asthma etc)
  • Reduces inflammations in bowels (IBS syndrome etc)
  • Reduces inflammation on knees: Post surgery, Jumper’s knee, swollen knee etc
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Inflammation & Pain Reduction – RELIEF herbal

Relief Herbal, is the most advanced product ever developed for instant reduction of inflammation and pain.

Remove inflammation, eliminate pain and live free of pain and be active again.

What it is:

Relief Herbal is a combination of herb extracts and enzymes which all help yout body reduce inflammation from all tissues.

Who needs it:

Relief Herbal will help people in all ages and physical activity, to fight pain, swelling and inflammation from joints, muscles, tendons, gut etc.

Sport Injuries:

Relief Herbal will help you minimize the risk of injuries by 70%.

Also, it will help you return to your training 200% faster after an injury.

Before and After surgery:

Relief Herbal can be used before a surgery so your body creates less swelling and inflammations.

This is very helpful on knee surgery, mouth surgery (teeth implants) etc

Also, after surgery, you will be able to reduce the swelling and inflammation by even 250% faster.

Ingredients which work better together:

Relief Herbal is a well calculated formula of ingredient which work better when you take them together.

This means that one ingredient increases the effectiveness of other ingredients.

Remove Inflammation – Eliminate Pain – Be Active Fast

SCN has researched & developed a unique powerful formula which fights pain and reduces inflammations very effectively

Highest quality and bioavailability natural ingredients is all what Relief Herbal capsules provide.

Our superior quality ingredients act fast and synergistically, so the athlete feels relieved from pain very fast, reduces the inflammations which cause pain and swelling, but also reduces the risk of  creating new inflammations.

Tested and developed with the participation of several pro athletes of marathon, trail running, cyclists, triathlon athletes, track & field athletes, tennis athletes and pro football players.

In many cases, Relief Herbal formula shown that is a must-have supplement for post-injury periods, for knee effusion, for post-surgery periods.

100% natural ingredients with clinical research, which are not only very effective but also do not impact your health like chemical pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicines.

What’s in Relief Herbal capsules:

Ingredient 2 capsules 6 capsules

Boswellia Serrata Extract:

65% boswellic acid

600 mg

390 mg

1800 mg

1170 mg

HydroCurc®- Curcuma Longa Extract with LipiSperse® Liposomal Absorption Technology:

85% Curcuminoids

60% Curcumin

240 mg


204 mg

144 mg

720 mg


612 mg

432 mg

Bromelain Proteolytic Enzyme 150 mg 450 mg

Ginger Extract 10:1

>5% Essential Oils- Gingerols

100 mg

>5 mg

300 mg

>15 mg

Papain Proteolytic Enzyme 100 mg 300 mg
Rosemary Extract 25:1
25% Ursolic Acid

40 mg

10 mg

120 mg

30 mg

Bioperine®- Standardized Black Pepper Dry Extract:
95% Piperine

30 mg

28,5 mg

90 mg

85,5 mg

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