Royal Natural Sculpture Gel 25g – NAP

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Quantity: 25g.
Consistency: Self-leveling

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Royal Natural Sculpture Gel 25g

Natural (pink) construction gel, self-leveling, medium viscosity, ideal for Super Slim nails, frenching and Baby Boomer technique. Easy to apply in one coat.

UV lamp 2’/LED 1′

Features of Transparent Slim Construction Gel:

  • High quality
  • Leveling
  • Easy to apply and model
  • It does not burn in the lamp
  • High adhesion
  • Glass transparency

Auxiliary products – Transparent Slim Construction Gel:

  1. Slim Bonder Base: A liquid base gel used to bond gel products, acrylic or semi-permanent systems. It acts as a glue between the natural nail and the gel
  2. Diamond brush No. 6: Swarovski #6 Crystal Gel Oval Brush Made of Artificial Hair. It is used for placing nails with technical gel, as well as for their maintenance. The oval shape helps the precise application of the gel in the area of the cuticles.
  3. File Zebra #180: Professional crescent file, medium hardness #180/180, for natural and gel nails.
  4. Endurance Buffer File #180: Smoother 2-in-1, disinfectable, medium hardness file #180/180, specially designed to prepare natural nails before applying semi-permanent varnish (buffer part), before applying gel (file part ), as well as for removing semi-permanent nail polish and finishing gel.
  5. Eco Dark Platinum File #100: Eco-friendly wood file, 100/100 hardness, disinfectable, recommended for finishing edges of technical nails.

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