RB17 – Pro Rubber Base 8 ml

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Brand: Nail Art Professionals
Product Type: Rubber Base
Capacity: 8 ml

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  • High quality camouflage base with rubber
  • Thick and elastic
  • Self-levelling
  • Strengthening function
  • Durability 4 weeks
  • Shade : White


  1. Strengthens nails
  2. Perfect coverage
  3. Self-levelling
  4. Easy to use
  5. Allows the construction of nail architecture without a file
  6. Perfect for brittle nails
  7. Covers imperfections
  8. With brush specially designed for easy application

Base for gel polish, specially designed to strengthen the nail plate and give it exceptional resistance. Dense, correcting the imperfections and irregularities of the nail plate, it helps to easily form the perfect manicure.

The base is self-leveling with ideal properties to protect brittle nails. Thanks to its special composition, it allows modeling the nail surface without a file.

Recommended for all types of nails, protects and restores even the most fragile ones.

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