Beauty Formula – Skin Rejuvenation & Wrinkle Reduction

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Product type: Food supplement
Net weight: 137.80 g. 20 packets of 6.89 g each

  • The ultimate beauty formula
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Supports hair and nail health
  • Restore skin elasticity
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Beauty Formula – Skin rejuvenation & Wrinkle reduction

Philosophy and how it works

Full action:

The Ultimate Beauty Formula is the most complete beauty product ever created, with multiple and targeted actions, with absolute synergy, so that every ingredient makes every other ingredient stronger in your body.

Research-Based Concentrations…Not Just Label Traces:

By purchasing The Ultimate Beauty formula, you are purchasing 16 complete products in one.

We have combined 16 ingredients in a maximum effective dose based on clinical studies.

How to use:

The concentration of the ingredients in your body tissues must be increased to maximum levels for the formula to start working properly.

Loading phase: We recommend that you consume 2 sachets of The Ultimate Beauty Formula daily for the first 10 days of use so that your body achieves the highest concentration of the ingredients provided.

Maintenance Phase: Consume one sachet daily to maintain a high concentration of ingredients in your tissues and get the most out of this magical product.

A unique formula of 16 ingredients that will help you:

  • Reduce the depth of facial wrinkles
  • Maintain a healthy skin microbiome
  • Increase the concentration of collagen in your skin
  • Increase your body’s natural collagen synthesis
  • Improve the health of your hair and nails
  • Improve your eye health
  • Improve your skin’s elasticity
  • Improved surface structure of the skin and reduction of cellulite
  • Strengthening the collagen of your bones and tendons
  • Improve gut health
  • Reducing inflammation from acne
  • Increase keratin production
  • Improve the health of your joints and tendons
  • Activates skin fibroblasts and collagen type 1-3-4 production


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