Slim Bonder Base 10 ml – NAP

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Product Type: Base

Capacity: 10 ml

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Slim Bonder Base 10 ml – Nail Art Professionals

A base coating gel that acts as an adhesive between the nail and any of the building gels, ensuring perfect adhesion of the gel to the nail.

How it is applied

Lightly buff the natural nail with a buffer, apply Nail Prep and Primer to prepare the nails. Apply a very thin layer of Slim Bonder Base and “massage” the gel on the nail with a brush to penetrate deep into the natural pores of the nails. Always clean the brush on the rim of the bottle and work with a minimal amount of gel.

Do not remove the sticky layer from the surface of the nail after curing.

Attention! Slim Bonder base can be used for better gel resistance and for polishing in case of problematic nails before applying Gelix base. Preparing the nails with Nail Prep and Primer is a must.

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